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We founded God Is For Everyone in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now, God has called us back to the United States. We want to plant the seeds of an Evangelical community for people from all walks of life. We are an inclusive, LGBTQ-affirming church, and we believe that God’s love is truly for everyone.

Who We Are

Pastor Matt Jones

Matthew Jones was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Though he grew up a Methodist, he never felt particularly close to the the church as a child. While studying philosophy at the University of Georgia, Matt became reinvigatored with a passion for life’s biggest questions. After college, he worked in the film industry. It was around this time that Matt met Isabella and fell in love. From there, the pair traveled the world. Matt even turned his passions for philosophy and writing into a full-time career.

Despite his professional success, Matt still felt that he could be doing more. He wanted to give back to the community and find a way to practice his faith in an open-minded environment. So, while living in Argentina, Matt and Bella founded their ministry. However, they always desired to plant a church in the United States. Today, they are making that dream a reality.

Pastor Isabella Jones

Isabella was born in Argentina to missionary pastors — an American father and an Argentine mother. As a transgender youth growing up in an Evangelical church, Bella struggled to overcome the criticism, judgement, and rejection. Nonetheless, she had a genuine love for God, which was evident during her time recording church albums and leading worship. However, the church eventually made its stance on transgender people all too clear. Bella’s family sent her to Hillsong in Australia to “change,” and when she didn’t, she was left without food or shelter. This was one of the hardest times in her life. Bella was forced to do whatever she could just to survive, and she tried to forget God. Fortunately, God never forgot his plans for her. Bella was able to triumph once again, moving to the United States and marrying her husband, Pastor Matt. The two moved back to Argentina together, where Bella became a well-known actress and vedette.

Still, she felt like a piece was missing in her life. Bella knew that she was called to serve God. So, she gave up the spotlight to found God Is For Everyone with her husband. Today, she continues to help heal broken hearts and teach others how to reconcile their faith and identities.

What We Do

Evangelical Ministry

Attend services filled with worship, testimonies, miracles, revival, acceptance, and God’s love!

LGBTQ+ Support

Worship with like-minded people who support and affirm the LGBTQ+ community!

Bilingual Outreach

Enjoy songs and sermons for both English and Spanish listeners!

Mission Work

Help change lives in communities across the globe!

Where We Are

We are currently deciding where to set our U.S. headquarters. Currently, we operate out of Orlando, Florida, but we are also considering a ministry in Los Angeles. Reach out to let us know your thoughts and be part of this ministry!

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